1. Students should enter the class rooms of proper time
  2. Students should maintain peace and harmony in the college.
  3. Students information is displayed on the notice board students are advised to go through the information board carefully in their own interest.
  4. Students should not cause any discipline.
  5. Students should not indulge in any strikes and unwanted activities.
  6. Students should not distribute pamphlets (or any) other printed material without the permission of the principal.
  7. Students should respect all religious and casts.
  8. Students should not paste any posters. Writing on the walls in strictly prohibited.
  9. Students should always carry identify cards. It should be produced as and when demanded.
  10. Students should not bring the students of the other college without the prior permission of the principal.
  11. Lost property like books, notes, purse, keys etc. should be deposited in the college office.
  12. Chewing of tobacco, pan, gutkha and smoking is strictly prohibited and punishable.
  13. Students should behave softly and politely with others.
  14. During free period, students should not room about here and there instead, they should utilize the facility of library and reading rooms.
  15. Writing absences remarks in the toilet is punishable.
  16. Students should not cause any damage to the college property.
  17. Visitors can meet come the students only after taking prior permission from the principal.
  18. The students must came in prescribed uniform.