Recognition And Affiliation :

This Institution is recognized by U.P. state Govt. and affiliated to Dr. B.R. Ambedkar University, Agra. Valid for the purpose of employment in Govt./Semi Govt./ Private Sector concern in all over India and foreign countries.

Library :

A well stocked library is the life line of an academic Institution. The library is situated centrally in the college campus. In the library rich collection of the text books, Journals, news paper (English/Hindi) and variety of magazines. Books are issued to each students for a period of two weeks after which they can get these re-issued otherwise. Students will pay the time.

Labs And Equipment :

To import knowledge to the students in various subjects, the college has the following labs.

Chemistry Lab :

Spacious well-equipped, properly ventilated so that no gas and vapors remain in the lab. All the windows powerful two-studies exhaust fans.

Zoology Lab :

Spacious with good-modern tables covered by mosaic floor mating and can accommodates 60-100 students at a time. Hundred of specimens & permanents slides and a good number of charts and idol models are a treat to watch.

Physics Lab :

Highly and well equipped, having two labs one for general experiment another for dark-room experiments, Students can do their experiments easily with comfort due to spacious labs. The college has its own generator to support the dark-room experiments in case of power failure.

Botany Lab :

It is similar to Zoology laboratory in all aspects. Modern and quality compound and dissecting microscope are a available to each students to study the course material.

Conference/Seminar Hall :

 A huge conference hall with effective light and well designed. Our Institution have a Audio-visual center for lecture, seminars and demonstration by the regular and visiting faculty members with all modern communicable aids like overhead projector, slide projector, wide screen TVs seminars on a variety of subjects are organized by blend of experienced and new generation mighty talented faculty members.

Bus Facility :

 The college has its own bus for the local students which runs on the basis of no profit.